About us

MetOcean Consult provides independent consultancy, data and forecast services for offshore, oceanographic and coastal applications. Our aim is to deliver high quality information and fit-for-purpose services to clients that require reliable environmental information in their core business. We provide design criteria for offshore developments, port design, coastal planning and more through numerical wave- and flow modelling studies using state-of-the-art software. We maintain long term wind, wave and current hindcast databases (supplied by third parties or in-house developed) with near global coverage. MetOcean Consult works with both commercial and open-source software packages and is highly flexible in developing fit-for-purpose solutions.

Reliable data

Reliable hydraulic design conditions are crucial in every offshore, port and coastal development project. This begins with the acquisition, interpretation and validation of accurate offshore data, knowledge of the local climatology and the technology of the sources that produced these data. Where available, all data are validated with data from alternative sources such as buoys or satellites.

In addition, for design optimization, it is often important that uncertainties are quantified, especially when one has to extrapolate to return periods that exceed the temporal coverage of the underlying data. MetOcean Consult has wide experience in establishing design criteria for operational and design conditions and knows how to quantify these uncertainties.

Latest technology

To establish hydraulic boundary conditions for application in nearshore areas often requires numerical modelling studies. Performing such studies requires knowledge of the physical processes as well as the applied models, their background, capabilities and limitations.

MetOcean Consult combines knowledge of the above through more than 15 years of experience of application of state-of-the-art numerical modelling software (e.g. MIKE21, Delft3D, SWAN), hindcast data and a close connection with research institutes and other specialist consultants. A firm position within a network of knowledge partners ensures that MetOcean Consult always applies the state-of-the-art tools and knowledge and keeps up-to-date with the latest developments.

Clients first

A key factor for happy clients is that one has to understand the needs and wishes of the client and act accordingly. This requires a continuous communication during the course of the project and a proactive and flexible attitude from the consultant. Creating a mutual understanding of each others’ expectations and ideas during an early stage of the project is of great importance for a successful completion of the study. Projects are carried rather ‘with’ than ‘for’ the client in close cooperative partnerships.

MetOcean Consult would like to invite you for an introductory discussion where we can get a good understanding of your wishes and way of working and where we can explain into more depth our capabilities.

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